On 28 March 2005, the foundation stone of BCS was laid by Saint Harbhajan Singh (Nanak Sarwale) in a peaceful environment. With the guidance and support entrusted by the visionaries in the Board of Management (Baba Nanak Educational Society) a new step was taken to further the cause of education in Bait area.

With the endeavours of the Management, Principal, staff and parents, BCS enjoys the distinction of being the first ever CBSE appointed, English Medium, Co-educational Senior Secondary School in the Bait area.

From The President's Desk

In the fast growing competitive world, the task and the responsibility of the academic and professional institutions was perhaps never as challenging as it is today. Spirit of competition is all pervasive. Institutions vie with each other for better performance and position. Seeing such holistic view in the field of Education or visionaries decided to construct BCS A temple of learning for the children of Bait area. Today we import high quality education along with multidimensional development of the learners. Keeping abreast with the present day competitive scenario, we prepare our students not only in the field of academic but also imbibe in them the moral and ethical values of our society. We mould our learners first as social beings and then as scholars. With the endeavoures of the sincere team of BCS we hold a prestigious position in Bait area and parents feel proud to call their wards Blossman’s’.

From The Principal's Desk

We have entered a new millennium and as we introspect issues that matter to us as part of rapidly changing society, it is imperative that an appraisal be made in grooming the further of our young minds. At BCS, we work on the concept of multiple intelligence to account for a broader range of human potential in our learners. In this temple of learning we strive hard to prepare our ignited minds for the challenges of tomorrow. We have tried to bring about a paradigm shift from teacher centered classroom to a learner centered classroom. Our teching learning methodology in made more meaningful and enjoyable with activities like experimentation, dramatization, group discussions, role play etc. The well equipped facilitators keep abreast with the present day academics through regular workshops and seminars and thereby help the learners to develop the power of observation, imagination, reasoning and intelligentsia.